Nicole Gallant

Founder & CEO , Nicole Gallant explains her "why" and her past work experiences

In-depth sales and marketing experience

As a marketing and sales specialist, I help businesses overcome lost dollars spent on misaligned programs and feature -driven content. How we interact with clients has changed. With technology constantly changing, businesses need to adapt and do so effectively.
I’ve listened to and learned from a wide range of business owners about their marketing needs and the daily challenges they face. One huge challenge I hear, regularly, is that business owners are frustrated with tactics, where wondrous results were promised, that were unsuitable and had little to no return.

Doing what I love

I help my clients by looking at the foundation of where their business is currently – current marketing programs, brand recognition, user experience. I look at sales modules and processes. My recommendations will remedy the gaps and holes a business experiences and in return deliver results that are measurable and attainable.

“Nicole is very knowledgeable. She guided me through every step to make sure I didn’t get overwhelmed. When she unveiled the final product, I was ecstatic!”

Well positioned to deliver results

In my 20 years as a sales and marketing professional throughout Atlantic Canada, I’ve worked with multi-million dollar companies. I’ve benefited from some of the best digital marketing, sales and advertising training in Canada. I bring those 7-figure marketing and sales strategies to small businesses.

What does this mean for you?   I can uncover creative solutions and discover what you need to solve these challenges to move forward.

Our Approach

Supporting local businesses

I believe in the importance of community, and I’ve got entrepreneurship in my blood. In the close-knit Acadian village where I grew up, my grandfather owned a shipbuilding company and owned and operated the general store.

Today, I support local businesses by working with other skilled entrepreneurs to bring top-notch customized marketing services to Nova Scotia companies.

I am a member of the Centre for Women in Business and Digital Nova Scotia.