Let's make sure your audience chooses you.
Every. Single. Time.

Elevate Your Marketing.
Attract Quality Clients.
Increase Your Revenue.

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Let's make sure your audience chooses you:
Every. Single. Time.


Elevate Your Marketing.
Attract Quality Clients.
Increase Your Revenue.

Wondering why your marketing isn't bringing in clients?

It's frustrating and deflating when you're not getting quality leads.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You're finding it hard to build a recognizable brand and strong online presence that attracts clients?
  • Not sure why website visitors are not filling out your contact form?
  • You spend lots of time on discovery calls, but no one takes action?
  • You can't understand why folks are ghosting your proposals?
  • Do you find yourself throwing in a discount to get them to say yes?

At this point, you want answers.

What if you had access to an experienced marketing + sales consultant who could drop into your business as needed and fix what's not working?


At SmartCat, we use copywriting and sales strategies to make marketing easy so you can stop worrying about where your next clients will come from. Forget the hard sell - we'll show you how to tell your story and attract customers naturally.

We've Helped 10,000+ Small Businesses Over the Last 20 Years

Since opening SmartCat Marketing we have:

Launched Over 200 Websites

Built Over 100 Sales Funnels

Hosted 160+ Networking Events

Created 50+ Logos

Let's Get Your Marketing Working

Nicole Gallant, Marketing and Sales Strategist, and Certified StoryBrand Guide

Often, my clients come to me after wasting money and hours trying to attract quality clients only to be disappointed with the results.

Some people commonly assume that I am a self-taught online marketing consultant. In truth, I'm a professionally trained sales and marketing pro with over 20 years of industry experience.  I've sat down and listened to endless stories of small business owners at their wit's end from spinning their marketing wheels.  In many cases, there was no aligned strategy in place. It's a tragic tale because, as small business owners, we certainly don't have time or resources to waste.

Let me help you simplify and optimize your marketing and sales process - it's our specialty!

Let's work together to customize a plan to engage your audience and turn them into clients!

Helping You Attract & Sell With Story-Based Marketing

Clear equals results (1)

Authentic Connection

Draw them in right from the start on your website, your emails, and social media. Set the stage for deeper connections.

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Increase Sales & Loyalty

By weaving your message into a captivating story your marketing will produce higher conversion rates, increased revenue, and greater profitability over time.

Clear equals results

Clear Offers That Sell

When your offers are clear and relatable you'll see the impact in your bottom line, no doubt about it. It's your competitive edge!

Experience Our Client Success Stories:

Your Roadmap To Marketing Success


Capture your ideal clients using proven techniques easily.


Know what to say that delights potential clients.


Get a plan that will work for YOUR business.

Coaching & Accountability

Feel confident you're doing it right.

Products to Build & Grow Your Business

Are you ready to consistently get more clients?

It's simple:

1. Book Your Call

Book a call where we’ll spend an hour diving into your current situation. We'll identify gaps and talk about opportunities.

2. Clarify Your Message

Together we’ll get your marketing message right and develop a marketing and sales strategy to attract and sell to your ideal clients that are practical and tactical.

3. Get Results

Gain a competitive edge. You’ll implement your new attraction plan and get results.

The Scratching Post

Proven tips from real-life stories about marketing, sales and networking.

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