The Right Messaging.
More Sales.

Let's get you selling more & secure the future of your business

Attract the clients you want.
Let's simplify the complicated.

At SmartCat Marketing we know that you want to be a savvy business owner swamped with sales. In order to do that, you need to attract high value clients that pay you money.
The problem is you’ve been doing all the things every marketer out there is telling you to do, but you still are not seeing the results. This can leave you feeling anxious about your business's future. I'll help you simplify it by sorting through all the noise, create a clear plan of action for your website and online spaces, and get clear on what your clients want.

Are you curious how you're doing with your marketing and selling initiatives so far? I invite you to take my QUIZ.

With the right messaging , you CAN attract the client that has the problem you solve. You need a clear, easy to implement, marketing action plan.

Creating all your marketing initiatives all by yourself is problematic. As your savvy partner, with over 20 years of knowledge and experience working with thousands of businesses, attracting buyers to their online spaces, you’ll be able to focus on delighting your clients rather than worrying how to get them in the door. No more chasing. No bombarding people in their DM’s required.


By articulating your value BEYOND your features and benefits, your clients will be eager and excited to work with you.

Here's how we do it



We start with a conversation and explore your vision and sales goals



We create an easy to implement marketing action plan that works for you



Feel confident and watch your business bloom and grow


Let's get you selling more &
secure the future of your business

You can stop wasting your valuable time on activities that do not generate money in your pocket. Instead,  let’s have you selling more so you can secure the future of your business. 

How we can work together

METHOD Masterclass

Most business owners struggle making sales. With the Smart Selling Method Masterclass, you’ll not only learn how to best create the right message, you'll sell with less effort while delivering big results.

A signature framework for attracting and winning clients by positioning your business in front of your ideal clients, build massive trust and have you savvy and swamped with sales.



I'll help you simplify the complicated. Let's take a deep dive into the bones of your business, find the market gaps and uncover your value beyond features and benefits so that you can attract your ideal client(s).
We will focus on what needs to get done and map out a plan of action you can implement now. Let's reduce the level of time and effort, in figuring out your marketing and selling, and make it more effective so you can reach your milestones sooner.


Are you a small organization looking for marketing training? I cover topics such as websites, social media planning, effective networking, and ways to attract ideal clients.
We all strive for that ideal client. The one that is fun to work with, works with you and pays you.
How you communicate in all your business spaces can make a huge difference in who you attract, your work hours and your bank account. I'll help you get there by showing you what clear messaging looks like that engages your ideal client and puts money in your pocket.

Meet Nicole

Helping my clients attract and win clients using content rich websites , clear offers and clear social media plans to keep a steady stream of clients flowing into your business. Let’s attract your ideal client by working smarter, not harder.


Nicole Gallant SmartCat Marketing Halifax Nova Scotia

The Scratching Post

You'll find proven tips from real-life stories on a variety of topics in marketing, sales and networking. All inspired by people like you - the folks I work and engage with everyday.

A few clients we've had the pleasure of working with

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