Get More Sales With The Right Words

Increase Your Leads + Land More Clients From Your Website and Social Media

Welcome to SmartCat Marketing with Certified StoryBrand Guide Nicole Gallant

Get More Sales With The Right Words

 Increase Your Leads + Land More Clients From Your Website and Social Media

Expand Your Reach

Attract Quality Clients

Increase Your Profits

I know that you want more clients.

In order to do that you need an experienced sales + marketing expert who can help you create and execute a solid sales plan.

You're getting leads. Closing them? That's where your revenue stops. The problem is that you don't have a sales system.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Discovery calls lead no where
  • You are unsure how to handle objections
  • You're ghosted after you send proposals
  • You rush to offer a discount thinking THAT will help them choose your offer
  • You're expecting miracle sales from your social media

After working with hundreds of business owners I know you’re feeling a ton of pressure to make all the right decisions.

I believe you deserve a sales professional who will honor how much is at stake for you.

Hire an experienced sales + marketing expert like Nicole Gallant who can help you navigate the competitive online world

Let's make sure your audience chooses YOU.
Every. Single. Time.

Get an experienced sales + marketing expert like Nicole Gallant who can help you navigate the competitive online world

"With the right words in play you attract and engage clients."

Nicole Gallant, Lead Cat and Certified StoryBrand Guide

In my two decades as a sales strategist and mentor, I've heard endless stories of small business owners at their wit's end from spinning their marketing wheels. Without a strategy, it's easy to fall into the trap of marketing attempts that never pay off. It's a tragic tale because, as small business owners, we certainly don't have time or resources to waste.

Strategic, consistent, clear messaging is the key to long term success. Obviously, the words on your website must be clear. You and I both know that you run a human based business. Your clients need conversation to help them decide if your offer is right for them. The issue is that you have no optimized sales process that makes these conversations easy. While it's true that clarifying your brand's message is an art and a science, it just happens to be our specialty!

Let's work together to customize a sales plan to engage your audience and transform them into customers!

The digital space has so much potential when you know how to attract clients effectively. This is why I’m committed to:

Flexibility & Confidence

Flexibility + Confidence

Everyone’s goals are different and I meet you where you’re at. I’ll offer up sensible solutions to maximize your resources.

Increased ROI

Increased ROI

You’ll have a better return on your investment with higher conversion rates, increased revenue, and greater profitability over time.

Expertise and experience

Expertise + Experience

We’ll develop a complete client-centric acquisition plan that is crucial to the growth and success of your business.

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Are you ready to increase leads and
get more clients from your website and social media?

Here's how you can get started:

1. Reach Out

Book a call where we’ll spend an hour diving into your sales cycle and uncover your blind spots.

2. Move into Action

Together we’ll develop a custom sales strategy to make the most of your sales process.

3. Get Results

Gaining a competitive edge, you’ll implement your new attraction plan and watch your business grow.

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