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Nicole Gallant Marketing and Sales Expert

Marketing  is about creating awareness.  It’s purpose is to position your solution in the marketplace so people know you exist.

Sales is the art of aligning your business solution with the people who want and need it.

Marketing deals with research.  Sales is building relationships.

Here at SmartCat, we strive to align your marketing ideas to your ideal client’s way of thinking and creating a holistic approach to promoting your solution.

By articulating your value , and forgo pitching,  your clients  will be eager and excited to work with you.

Nicole  helps her clients create a client-centric structure and be seen as the right choice.


Meet Nicole See our work

Nicole's one-on-one mentoring is chock full of thoughtful and insightful advice, based on her many years of experience in sales and marketing. The added bonus is what a lovely person she is - her solidly good and generous heart shines through in every interaction. If you’re looking for someone to help you re-imagine your business, your website, or your offerings, look no further. Renée Hartleib, Professional Writer and Writing Mentor, Halifax, NS
It's not an exaggeration to say that Nicole's advice to me for leveraging social media for my business was instrumental in dramatically broadening engagement and exposure. Such a wealth of knowledge and experience - very grateful! Melanie Little, vlife
During the 16 years I’ve known Nicole, she has proven she is someone who can be trusted to always do a great job, always keep her word, and always provide value. Jeff Winship, Winship Wealth Group
Open the Door Leadership entrusted the updated logo design, social media banners, font style and colour scheme to Nicole Gallant of SmartCat Marketing, and we couldn't be happier. Johanna Nesbitt & Manuela Damant, Open the Door Leadership
Nicole provided creative recommendations on how to strengthen our brand visibility. Cathy Giordani, Accounting Plus Consulting
One of the best things that Nicole showed me during her workshop was how to effectively close. I have great conversational skills, but my go-to was a "pitching" type sales approach, that wasn't working for me in my coaching business. I felt a bit icky "making the ask". After implementing Nicole's approach, my prospects are now turning into clients. Ali Breen , Millennials Career Coach
For a job well done, and a professional touch paired with an authentic personality, Nicole is a true breath of fresh air. She has a strong dedication to her clients.... Gillian Sisley, The Clever Quill
The SmartCat team was able to take my vision for my business and create a logo that really spoke to the overall concept of the work I do. Nicole was very patient and helpful throughout the whole process. Martina Kelades , Life Out Loud

Meet Nicole

Nicole helps businesses market their value. She believes in creating effective marketing materials and clear messaging that evoke emotional connections with your audience.

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