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Here at SmartCat, we align your marketing ideas with your client’s way of thinking and create a holistic approach engaging your ideal client.

There’s a difference between marketing and sales. Marketing’s purpose is to position your solution in the marketplace so people know you exist. Sales is the art of aligning your business solution with the people who want and need it by building relationships.


We help you become more client centric and be recognized as the right choice by aligning the two. By articulating your value beyond features and benefits, your clients will be eager and excited to work with you.

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Smart Selling is a masterclass workshop for small business owners who have little to no previous sales training. Nicole has developed a program that helps you identify your ideal client, win them over and become loyal customers.


We all crave that ideal client. The one that is fun to work with, works with you and pays you.
How you communicate in all your spaces can make a huge difference in your work hours and your bank account. I'll help you get there by showing you what clear messaging looks like that engages your ideal client and puts money in your pocket.


Nicole will take a deep dive into the bones of your business and help you discover your value beyond features and benefits so that you can attract your dream client(s).

Meet Nicole

Nicole helps businesses market their value. She creates effective marketing materials and clear messaging that makes meaningful connections with your audience.

Nicole Gallant SmartCat Marketing | Halifax,Nova Scotia

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You'll find proven tips from real-life stories on a variety of topics in marketing, sales and networking. All inspired by people like you - the folks I work and engage with everyday.

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