The Right Words.
More Sales.

Attract more clients to your website and lead generator by condensing what your business does in clear and digestible words

The Right Words.
More Sales.

Attract more clients to your website and lead generator by condensing what your business does in clear and digestible words.




Creating a marketing plan shouldn't be complicated 

Creating a Marketing Plan Shouldn't be Complicated by Nicole Gallant at

So many small business owners struggle to attract the right clients.

When you spend an extensive amount of time on your marketing content and your calendar has too many available time slots, it can leave you incredibly frustrated. Disappointment sets in because you can't seem to turn your visitors into clients.

Here's the problem: you're not a marketing strategist or web designer. You're not sure what is important to highlight in what order on your website or in your social media.  And when you're already running a business, wearing all the hats, you probably don't have the bandwidth for all of this.

The good news is - you don't have to figure this out alone.


You Deserve a Clear, Easy-to-Implement, Marketing Action Plan.

Hi! I'm Nicole Gallant, your StoryBrand Guide

I believe in empowering business owners, like you, to shine and be seen by the people you serve.

You deserve access to effective marketing strategies you can implement.  A plan is not a plan if you can't execute it.

As a marketing strategist, sales mentor, and a Certified StoryBrand Guide, I've helped hundreds of business owners successfully attract and win clients.

Over the years I’ve witnessed businesses invest tons of money in their website design and content creation only to be left frustrated because it didn't generate the leads expected.

All because the content doesn't trigger people to take action.

Websites, lead magnets and your social media work best when you clearly position your offer as the solution to a problem.

If you stray and share everything under the sun, your content becomes distracting. You then become unmemorable.

I can help with that!

Are you ready to take control and attract clients?
Here's how:


We start with a conversation , set goals & explore your client's wants and aspirations.


We go to work creating an easy-to-implement marketing action plan that works for you &  help you apply it.


Feel over the moon confident that you're effectively growing your business.

Let's Avoid Making These Marketing Mistakes

Let's Avoid:

❌ No system to attract clients causing missed opportunities

❌ Referral drought due to offer confusion

❌ Overwhelm & frustration

Let Start Doing these things in your marketing

Let's Start:

Increasing your revenue margins

Feeling proud, capable and savvy

Attracting your ideal clients & growing your business

Grow Your Business With Intention

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CLEARLY COMMUNICATING your brand story is the #1 way to attracting the right client.  This is more than a tag line. It's everything your business represents.

If you've been struggling with your content, STOP.

The good news is – you don’t have to figure this out alone.

This is a 1:1 service where we uncover growth opportunities by finding your market gaps, uncover what your client needs solved and be crystal clear about it.

You'll leave with a complete new brand message for your overall website that will encourage clients to hit your buy button.

You'll have digestible soundbites that you can use on social media that directly speak to your targeted audience.

"Stop tearing your hair out over your marketing, and start attracting your ideal customers with SmartCat!"

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Marketing isn't something you master in an hour.  Phew! Glad we cleared that up.  So where do you start?

With the right words that become memorable to your audience.

STOP scratching your head trying to figure out how to attract clients and increase sales. I've got ya!

The VIP Marketing Mastermind  will follow  a 2-day workshop that helps you implement the StoryBrand framework.  As your coach, we will work together to condense what your business does into clear and easily digestible words so your clients know exactly what you do to help them.

Putting your business in the spotlight can feel tough, especially in front of complete strangers – but one thing’s for sure – two (or four!) heads are better than one and having the insight from a small group that will get to know you and your business well will see your business through fresh eyes. It is often exactly what you’ve been missing!

Happy client results working with SmartCat Marketing:

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