The Right Brand Message.
More Sales.

Helping female led businesses attract more clients

The Right Brand Message.
More Sales.

Helping female led businesses attract more clients




Get Your Marketing On Lock With SmartCat

Simplify the complicated 

Lots of small business owners struggle with attracting paying clients.

Feeling frustrated over the feeling you're going in circles trying to figure out the best marketing message and tools to bring in the right clients.  Or that people come to your website, yet it doesn't result in a click on your buy button?

Creating marketing copy and website flow on your own is not easy.  And when you are already running a business, you probably don't have the bandwidth to also be a marketing expert.

The good news is - you don't have to figure this out alone.


You Deserve a Clear, Easy-to-Implement, Marketing Action Plan

Hi! I'm Nicole Gallant, your StoryBrand Guide

I believe in empowering women, like you,  to be the best at what you do and let your audience know as well.

You deserve access to effective marketing strategies you can implement.  A plan is not a plan if you can't action it.

As a marketing strategist, sales mentor, and a Certified StoryBrand Guide, I've worked with thousands of business owners helping them successfully attract clients.

I’ve witnessed the struggles businesses face when investing tons of money in marketing campaigns that leave them frustrated when they don’t work or bring in a monetary return.

Effective marketing IS MORE THAN A TAG LINE - it's your overall brand message.

Websites, sales funnels and your social media work best when you clearly position your offer as the solution to a problem.

Wondering why you’re not selling offers or getting people to click on your Buy Now button?  You could have too much on your site that distracts them from contacting you.

I can help with that!

Are you ready to take control and attract clients?
Here's how:


We start with a conversation and explore your client's wants and aspirations.


You'll have an easy-to-implement marketing action plan that works for you & we'll help you plug it in.


Feel over the moon confident that you're attracting more of your ideal clients.

Let's Avoid Making These Marketing Mistakes

Let's Avoid:

❌ Wasting Time & Money

❌ Going in Circles

❌ Missing Opportunities and Losing Business

Let Start Doing these things in your marketing

Let's Start:

Spending your time economically

Increasing your revenue

Selling more and building your business

Build Your Business Intentionally

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Marketing isn't something you master in an hour.  Phew! Glad we cleared that up.  So where do you start?

By creating a strong foundation for your business and attracting the right client.

STOP scratching your head trying to figure out how to increase sales. I've got ya!

You can dive into my marketing foundations course that will have you turning inquiries into clients. This 10 module online program will help you understand what triggers people to buy and you'll leave with tons more.

There is an option to include a private coaching session with me for quick results.  This is really where it all comes together for you.

Or you can join my VIP Strategy Group where , along with 5 other entrepreneurs, work on your strategy to keep moving you forward.


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CLEARLY COMMUNICATING your brand story is the #1 way to attracting the right client.  This is more than a tag line. It's everything your business represents.

If you've been struggling with your content, STOP.

The good news is – you don’t have to figure this out alone.

This is a 1:1 service where we uncover growth opportunities by finding your market gaps, uncover what your client needs solved and be crystal clear about it. You'll leave with a complete new message for your overall brand that will encourage clients to hit your buy button.

Let's reduce your time and effort that has you going in circles. Let's close the leak that is causing you to miss out on opportunities so you can reach your milestones sooner by creating the right message for your targeted audience AND implementing it immediately.

Happy client results working with SmartCat Marketing:

The Scratching Post

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