12 Ways to market your service-based business without using social media

There are many ways to market your service-based business without using social media. I am going to focus on 12 you can incorporate into your marketing strategy.

First, we can all agree that marketing involves a combination of strategies to establish your brand, connect with your target audience, and showcase your expertise.

As a sassy entrepreneur, you’ve got some tricks up your sleeve to reach out to those you know you can make a positive impact.

Create awareness, get your name out there and make some marketing waves

1. Your Online HQ – Your Website:

Think of your website as your online storefront. It’s where people go to see what you’re all about and what you offer. This not only is your foundation, but it is also your main real estate online. So, getting your words right should be a main focus first before you get all excited about colours and fanfare.

2. Get Googled with Style – SEO:

Sprinkle some magic dust (well, keywords and good content) on your website to show up on Google when people are looking for what you do. For example, when you write your next blog, avoid cryptic titles that people would never Google. Create titles that are searchable and catchy. Blog titles that answer the burning questions your audience has is a great way to market your expertise.

3. Party Time – Networking Events:

Put on your awesome shoes and hit up events where cool folks like you hang out. You’ll make friends, learn stuff, and let people know what you’re up to. Be aware of business card collectors. Avoid being one. Instead, decide to have 3 or 4 great conversations so you leave a lasting impression rather than be forgotten the next day.

4. Share the Love – Referral Program:

Spread the word that if someone brings a friend to your service, they both get a high-five (an affiliate or loyalty program). Give a reason why other people should send you referrals beyond your great service. Offer small incentives as a thank you.

5. Rock that Mic – Guest Speaking:

Ever dreamed of being a rockstar? Well, it’s not quite like that but do grab a microphone and share your wisdom at local events. People will remember the one who had great insights to share and memorable perspectives on topics. Similarly, another great way to share your wisdom, is to be a guest on a collaborators podcast.

6. Old-School Cool – Local Print Ads or Articles:

If you have a local paper that is popular with your community, share your industry insights in an article. Your local Chamber of Commerce, or a local business association. Its where old-school cool meets new-school business.

7. Mailbox Surprise – Direct Mail:

 With everything that is going on in the world, people are craving real connection. And the old-fashioned mail has been making a comeback. Make a positive impression by sending prospects, who you’ve had conversations with, snazzy postcards or funky brochures to their mailboxes. Just imagine their surprise when you’ve taken the time to send them something in the mail!

8. Story StrategyContent marketing:

Create and share high-quality content that demonstrates your expertise. This could include blog posts, videos, podcasts, or infographics related to your industry. This is a great way to share your views and unique approach to topics your potential clients like to read. Don’t be afraid to share opposing thoughts. This allows your audience to get to know the authentic you and what you stand for and believe.

9. Inbox MagicEmail marketing:

Look, if you have people who signed up to receive fun and educational emails from you, don’t ignore that. This is a group of people who are all potential clients. At best, they are fans and will talk about you in their own circles. Decide how often you want to send them emails. Will you be daily with short quick tips or are you more apt to send something weekly with a bit more stuff to read and consume?

10. Dream Team – Collaborations:

Team up with fellow local champs to create something awesome. It’s a great way to share audiences and bring new energy to projects.

11. Be the Workshop Star:

Host a fun and educational workshop that’s all about sharing your knowledge. And, if you’re going to pitch something at the end of your workshop, ask permission if it is OK to do so at the beginning. It goes without saying that a quick way to flop your workshop before it starts is if participants feel it’s simply a push to a bigger offer.

12. Friendship Pays – Build Relationships:

Be the superhero of customer service. Make your clients’ day, and they’ll keep coming back, plus tell all their friends about you.

The 4 P’s of marketing

If you’ve ever studied marketing, you are familiar with what is referred to as the 4 P’s of marketing:

Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

I’ve seen a 5th – People. Be that as it may, I feel this is redundant because you are marketing to people – Dah!

Just remember, there’s a whole world of marketing beyond social media. Pick the ones that feel like your jam, mix them up, and rock your business in your unique way!

Nicole Gallant

Nicole Gallant is the lead marketing and sales strategist connecting buyers to sellers for 20+ years. Buyer behaviour is definitely her jam. Certified in StoryBrand helping small businesses generate sales with content rich websites, crystal clear offers and effective social media plans. The trick is knowing which words trigger curiosity and interest with your brand and which words to avoid. She coaches female founders how to #ditchthepitch and stop using ego-centric content. Learn more about me »