Meet Nicole Gallant

Lead Marketing Strategist

 The Right Words Lead to More Sales 

I understand how it feels to start off wearing all the hats. To think that if you just consumed more marketing information, you'll be able to figure this all out.   But the truth is, no one excels in all things.

At some point, you’ve lost a few opportunities along the way. You’re probably wondering if there is a system out there that effectively attracts ideal clients without all the headaches but you keep hitting dead ends and trying different tactics that are not making a difference.

At SmartCat Marketing, the team and I get it.

It's so frustrating to lean into a strategy you've been told is the answer for increasing client sales but it falls flat instead. Nothing changes. For the past 7 years we’ve helped hundreds of business owners, just like you, overcome that dread of lost sales and experience the difference when a marketing plan and system was created that worked.

In addition, I am now certified by StoryBrand.  This means I'm positioned to help guide you through a framework that gets to the root of what your client wants. And when you know what your client wants and you can articulate that barrier to achieve it, it's a game changer. A recent client shared that she was able to increase her sales 10 x after she implemented her new plan.

The lessons learned about sales, marketing, people and what triggers them to buy stuff is what brought me here today.  I nerd out on this stuff. My team has been cherry picked and are the crème of the crème.

Before SmartCat, I was a Certified Media Consultant at Yellow Pages Group, a leading print and online directory. I crushed my sales goals on numerous occasions.  I was a Business Development Manager during my time at Telus Mobility on a 100% commission structure. I know a thing or two about acquisition and selling.

What I do: Work on creating effective websites, sales funnels and strategic social media content. The focus is on the words.  creating punchy messaging so you can attract clients simply because they will now understand what you offer is a solution to their problem.

coach on effective selling, and encourage my fellow female founders to become self reliant and super savvy.


I believe in supporting women and helping them achieve success. It really bugs me to see women led businesses have zero access to real strategies that  work.


You deserve to have an easy-to-implement plan plugged into the right brand message   Don’t let another website visitor click away from your site because they feel you don’t have what they are looking for.

In-Depth Experience Positioned To Deliver Results

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Woman of Influence Nominee

I am incredibly proud and honoured that I have been nominated 5 years in a row as a Woman of Influence by my amazing peers and wonderful clients.

Woman of Influence Nominee 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022*