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In order to determine what you should be selling you need to understand your customer. Yah, I know. You’ve heard this a bunch of times. Ask yourself an honest question. Are people buying what you’re selling?

For people to buy your product, they need to be aware of it, have a positive impression of it and believe they need or want it.

Let’s talk about this for a minute. In order for prospects to be aware of it a few key things need to be on the check list.

a. If they Google your product or service, will you come up in the search results? This is the biggest one – and I am starting with it. Even SmartCat doesn’t rank at the top of the search for Marketing Halifax. It takes time.

b. Can you be found on a social platform like Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram? Shoppers like to check you out now as much as possible before making the commitment to contact you. It is common practice to search you out. They look for photos, comments, reviews and overall feel of your brand.

c. How about directories and local marketplaces? Consumers visit these sites frequently.

There are many things you can use to promote yourself and your product to your prospective buyers. Digital is our go-to , like social media and Google AdWords . Traditional advertising shouldn’t be snubbed. There is a time for television and magazines and trade shows.

Promotion is heavily influenced by our online spaces. In the past, advertising consisted of brand- created messages, with every brand claiming its products were the best. Today, a brand is what consumers say about it.🤓🙋 It’s what they say about you and your business when you are not there.

Lets ask the question again. Are people buying what you’re selling? If the answer is “not really”, or “not as much as I would like” then it’s important to go over what’s working and what isn’t. Is this a task you are equipped to handle? If you’re on a budget, send out a survey to business savvy folks in your network. Or a basic email with key questions to help you with your own research on yourself and why people aren’t finding you or craving your product or service. Is it possible your message doesn’t speak to them emotionally and maybe that is why they don’t reach out?

If I feel you are going to help me solve a problem – hands down- not a doubt – I will contact you and start a conversation to dig further it it’s a fit between you and I.

How to you connect emotionally? Through story. You see, promoting ourselves online is easy. Getting through all the noise is the challenge. Your story is how you connect with people. You can do this through the stories of your clients. Showing how you care and help others is often more important than propping up who you are.

When you’ve conceived a great product or service, set the right price 💲, placed it appropriately in the marketplace, promote it well 🔊 and consistently, and make a connection, the sky is the limit for your success. ⭐⭐

Want to learn more? I can help you align your marketing to a sales process to help you get your phone ringing or get people to sign up for your fabulous thing you want to world to know about.

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Nicole Gallant
Nicole Gallant

My passion is helping my clients grow their business through all things marketing and sales. It's about being client centric. With over 20 years experience in this industry, working with small businesses, I understand buyer behavior. When not working (who am I kidding?) you might find me on the dance floor in one of our local dance studios. Learn more about me »