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Stories, insights and tips about marketing, sales and networking, with a little added wit and sass.

Aligning your message to achieve results

By Nicole Gallant / June 22, 2020

Aligning my harmony A self-reflection story of taking my own medicine and aligning my values, beliefs, and skills in harmony in order to help YOU experience the same epiphany and achieve the high-level results you’ve been craving. March 15, 2020 was the beginning, not the end, looking back now. Ever find yourself scratching your head…

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Marketing your business online

Marketing your business during a pandemic

By Nicole Gallant / April 13, 2020

Are you open for business? If your answer is “yes”, then read on. You most likely have read a thing or two about how to market, and should you market, your business during Covid-19. In the spirit of attempting to give you different information (which isn’t easy because there’s a flood of information out there), I first…

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Differentiating yourself during a crisis

By Nicole Gallant / March 24, 2020

So here we are. Just like that, we’re in a new environment. Many of us have been doing business online so working from home is not new. But knowing this is your only way to reach people … well, that can make you uneasy. Wondering how you’re going to acquire new clients when you don’t…

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Coffee meetings

4 Essential factors for better coffee meetings

By Nicole Gallant / March 7, 2020

Can coffee meetings be authentic if there’s an agenda? The simple answer is “yes”, if the agenda is beneficial to both parties. Many entrepreneurs engage in business as a transaction, whether we are networking, following up, or having sales conversations. Meeting someone for the first time may not be the opportune time to relinquish everything…

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Uncovering client needs – the modern effective salesperson

By Nicole Gallant / December 5, 2019

If there was a magic wand that would bring you the perfect client, what would that client look like? I bet this is something you’ve thought of. The reality is, there is no magic wand. There is no secret formula. There is however, proven methodologies that do help you attract clients. It’s called speaking your clients…

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Nicole at the Halifax Library

How your “Why” makes you money

By Nicole Gallant / November 7, 2019

My story starts about a year ago. I can’t remember the exact date I met Ali Breen, co-founder of Blog Jam, but I do remember getting to know her better when we were part of a ten-week advanced social media class by Anita Kirkbride in September 2018. We took a few lunches together, drove to…

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5 Tips to drive high-quality traffic to your blog

By Nicole Gallant / July 10, 2019

Blogging. You’re either doing it, have done it, or have not tried it yet. Writing blogs is about sharing yourself and your knowledge in hopes of attracting like-minded people. You most likely want to attract people who will pay for your unique knowledge, a service you offer, or a product you create. You”ll want to…

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Are people buying what you’re selling?

By Nicole Gallant / June 25, 2019

In order to determine what you should be selling, you need to understand your customer. Yeah, I know. You’ve heard this a bunch of times. Ask yourself an honest question. Are people buying what you’re selling? For people to buy your product, they need to be aware of it, have a positive impression of it,…

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Success will happen faster by identifying your niche

By Nicole Gallant / April 29, 2019

If you are a seasoned business owner you are not new to terms like Avatar, Persona, Audience, Niche, and Target Market – but no matter what term you use, the concept comes down to understanding who your true customer is. When we start out as new business owners, especially as solo-preneurs, we get excited and…

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What is the value of a marketing and sales strategist?

By Nicole Gallant / March 9, 2019

If you’re running a business, you’re no stranger to some absolutely instrumental pieces to success: active sales and effective marketing. Every business requires these two important pieces be in play at all times. However, it’s very common for business owners to either confuse sales and marketing for each other, or assume they are basically the…

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