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What I’ve learned being a marketer at a brand video and photo shoot

By Nicole Gallant / January 30, 2023

Relevant brand imagery plays a role in the effectiveness of your marketing in websites, social media and promotional items. As an entrepreneur, you’re always learning. As the lead marketing strategist at SmartCat Marketing, I help you with websites, emails and sales funnels. As a long-time sales professional I also help you get more client yesses.…

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What is StoryBrand and how does it benefit your service-based business?

By Nicole Gallant / April 20, 2022

StoryBrand is a framework that helps you create clear brand messaging that resonates with your target audience Buyers and sellers are bombarded with information every single day. And it’s happening to such a degree that many will tune out some of it to avoid overwhelm. For them, brand messages become nothing more than noise. Have…

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How do you know your marketing message is working?

By Nicole Gallant / March 17, 2022

As female founders, it’s our job to communicate our brand and story in a way that is heard and truly understood by our target audience.

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Getting to the heart of your target audience

By Nicole Gallant / November 26, 2021

The perfect Brand Story for your service-based business As a serviced-based business owner you understand the important of getting to the heart of your ideal audience. If you don’t, they won’t listen to you. Your solution, in the eyes of your potential customer, should be super enticing, relatable and not a pitch.  I really wish…

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Storyteller card

6 Ways to Infuse Story into your Marketing Strategy

By Nicole Gallant / June 21, 2021

So, you’ve heard you need to sell using story. It sounds simple enough until it’s time to put pen to paper and you’re faced with that blank white space, waiting for your story to appear. Whether you’re new to using story to sell or have been doing it for years, everyone has writer’s block at…

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3 Simple tips to clarify and sell your offer

By Nicole Gallant / May 17, 2021

It pains me to see businesses with great potential flailing because their message and story about what they do isn’t creating quite the awareness they think it is. They may have a great product or service but their marketing message is super vague or cryptic. Potential customers and clients who see it are more confused…

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How To Grab Attention Through Story

By Nicole Gallant / April 21, 2021

  If you’ve been reading up on your marketing you will have heard the term Grab Attention Through Story.  Some entrepreneurs have the ability to sell through storytelling – or “story selling.” It’s an effective strategy that is not used often enough, but, when it is used, many business owners make a critical error in…

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Are you reaching your business milestones?

By Nicole Gallant / March 16, 2021

When most people start a business, they also set business goals. After a period of time, it’s important to sit down and determine if you’re reaching those milestones to figure out if what you’re doing is working. So, what happens if that time comes and you discover you’re not hitting those milestones? This is where…

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A gift with a pretty red bow

5 things your clients want to know

By Nicole Gallant / October 6, 2020

Ever leave a (virtual) meeting and wonder why you have the strangest feeling that the person you were talking with isn’t as excited as you?  They didn’t jump in to your offer right away because they needed to think about it? But they know, like and trust you. So what’s the problem? They had unanswered…

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Aligning your message to achieve results

By Nicole Gallant / June 22, 2020

Aligning my harmony A self-reflection story of taking my own medicine and aligning my values, beliefs, and skills in harmony in order to help YOU experience the same epiphany and achieve the high-level results you’ve been craving. March 15, 2020 was the beginning, not the end, looking back now. Ever find yourself scratching your head…

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