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5 Insider sales secrets you might not know

By Nicole Gallant / May 18, 2023

Sales isn’t something you can master in an hour. Yet, so many entrepreneurs seek those insider sales secrets to help them skip ahead and make more money faster. Sure, you’ll find some great insights and helpful tips on Google and social media. Do they feel like insider secrets you’ve never heard before or does your…

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Want to find new clients? Stop perfecting your pitch

By Nicole Gallant / April 14, 2023

As an entrepreneur. finding and attracting clients is typically on the daily to-do list.  As a small business owner and part of your marketing, you’ve been told to perfect your pitch so when you’re networking, or presented with an opportunity to talk about your business, you’ll be ready. The problem is most entrepreneurs who are…

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Conversational Selling: Why you should stop pitching and start a conversation

By Nicole Gallant / April 10, 2023

Let’s face it – you recognize a sales pitch when you hear one. The overly constructed content and rehearsed delivery make the hidden agenda plain as day. You and your clients can smell it a mile away. Your pain points may be articulated in the infomercial-esque dialogue. However, being pitched at without any interaction around…

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Price versus value

Price vs Value : How prospects recognize your value 

By Nicole Gallant / March 31, 2023

Losing a prospect is discouraging. But it is important to understand why that happened. With the right strategies for problem solving increase your closing rate.

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Connection and consent are key in making your sales pitch heard

By Nicole Gallant / February 10, 2022

Beliefs and behaviours of consumers play an integral role in why people buy It is possible you may have already received that message in your email on in your LinkedIn direct message that is asking you to buy a product or invest in a service you are not familiar with. What did you do with…

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