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Crating Offeres | Nicole Gallant | SmartCat Marketing

Creating offers and figuring out how to package them so they sell

By Nicole Gallant / February 14, 2022

Understanding basic buying psychology will help set the right price It’s time to get a little frank. I’ve been getting lots of questions about how to package offers. I’ve been hearing how exhausted everyone is  trying to figure out this all out. Lead magnets, bite-sized offers, low level offers. It goes on and on. You’ve…

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Connection and consent are key in making your sales pitch heard

By Nicole Gallant / February 10, 2022

Beliefs and behaviours of consumers play an integral role in why people buy It is possible you may have already received that message in your email on in your LinkedIn direct message that is asking you to buy a product or invest in a service you are not familiar with. What did you do with…

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Content writer vs copywriter | SmartCat Marketing

The difference between a content writer and a copywriter and the impact on your sales

By Nicole Gallant / October 12, 2021

A content writer vs a copywriter – Do you know the difference? Unless you are in the marketing industry you may not realize there is a difference between a content writer and a copywriter. I’m going to dive in so you can make an educated decision next time you are looking for someone to help…

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Storyteller card

6 Ways to Infuse Story into your Marketing Strategy

By Nicole Gallant / June 21, 2021

So, you’ve heard you need to sell using story. It sounds simple enough until it’s time to put pen to paper and you’re faced with that blank white space, waiting for your story to appear. Whether you’re new to using story to sell or have been doing it for years, everyone has writer’s block at…

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Want to find new clients? Stop perfecting your pitch

By Nicole Gallant / June 1, 2021

Your solution, in the eyes of your potential customer, should be relatable but it should NOT be a pitch. But wait, you may say, if I don’t pitch potential clients then how do I communicate my solution with them? Hang tight, I’ll get there, but let me tell you first why pitching is the pits.…

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3 Simple tips to clarify and sell your offer

By Nicole Gallant / May 17, 2021

It pains me to see businesses with great potential flailing because their message and story about what they do isn’t creating quite the awareness they think it is. They may have a great product or service but their marketing message is super vague or cryptic. Potential customers and clients who see it are more confused…

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How a sales and marketing consultant helps grow your business

By Nicole Gallant / May 5, 2021

We’ve all seen it. That great business that never really gets off the ground. Or maybe it gets a LITTLE off the ground but never really takes off.  If you’re the owner of that business it can be terribly frustrating to know that you’ve got a great service or product but you’re stuck at the…

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How To Grab Attention Through Story

By Nicole Gallant / April 21, 2021

  If you’ve been reading up on your marketing you will have heard the term Grab Attention Through Story.  Some entrepreneurs have the ability to sell through storytelling – or “story selling.” It’s an effective strategy that is not used often enough, but, when it is used, many business owners make a critical error in…

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Cold calls: Are they in or out?

By Nicole Gallant / April 6, 2021

The cold call  “Hello, is this the manager in charge of purchasing? Great, well, have I got a deal for you …” Ugh. Let me guess, when you think about sales, you immediately think about getting on the phone and calling people you don’t know and asking them to buy stuff, right? Well, yes. It…

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Are you reaching your business milestones?

By Nicole Gallant / March 16, 2021

When most people start a business, they also set business goals. After a period of time, it’s important to sit down and determine if you’re reaching those milestones to figure out if what you’re doing is working. So, what happens if that time comes and you discover you’re not hitting those milestones? This is where…

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