Cold calls: Are they in or out?

The cold call 

“Hello, is this the manager in charge of purchasing? Great, well, have I got a deal for you …”


Let me guess, when you think about sales, you immediately think about getting on the phone and calling people you don’t know and asking them to buy stuff, right?

Well, yes. It can be that. Some people or organizations require staff to make cold sales calls. This is their tactic and, for many, they’ve never even considered that there could be a more effective way to make sales.

As an entrepreneur, we have the advantage of choosing how we connect with our clients. We can reach out to people in a “warmer” way that feels more authentic. Let’s call this option a warm call.

Do we still need to make cold calls?

These days, with all the resources we have access to, do we need to still make cold calls?  This can become a heated debate depending on what people are in the room when you bring up this topic.

 So why do some business owners still make cold calls?  Usually, it’s their main method to find new customers; people interested in what they are pitching over the phone – it’s kind of like if you throw enough spaghetti at the wall, some will eventually stick. Think about this though … if you call 100 people you might get 10 people interested. Out of those 10 people interested, you might be able to put forth three proposals. Of those three proposals, you may close all three sales, but you also may only make one sale.

One sale out of one hundred calls.

That’s a lot of work, but if you work for an organization that does that, and it’s your mandate, then you do it.

How you can use a warm approach to your lead generation (and have it be as, if not more, effective)

Here’s the good news. As business owners, we can decide how we want to attract clients. 

Personally, I hate cold calls. I’ve done them. It was part of my job with a few of the organizations I worked for.  I never went into them truly cold however as I would always find out something about the potential customer that I could speak to first. I would find something that could create a sincere connection and conversation because I hated pitching. And the person on the other end of the phone didn’t want to listen to a pitch. Few people do.

Before I made a “cold” call, I would look up their website, check out their Facebook page and follow them in the news. The goal was to find something interesting and relevant about why I was calling them.

I was doing my best to take the chill off the cold call … I was “warming” it up.

What is a great salesperson?

You’ve heard me say this a bunch of times: A great salesperson is not the person working the phone and pitching the widget of the month to everyone.

A great salesperson is the one the client has a chance to get to know and trust. A great salesperson builds a relationship and trust and is an advisor, not a salesperson.

Now, let’s address the fact you don’t like sales or see yourself as a salesperson. 

    • Do you own your own business?
    • Are you the main person responsible for finding clients?
    • Do you interact with the client?
    • Are you the one doing your marketing?

If you answered YES to these four questions you are in sales. You are selling yourself, your business, your product or your service.

You are in charge of marketing and you need to “promote” those marketing initiatives. the good news is that you also get to choose what type of salesperson you will be.

How to sell when you hate selling

The Smart Selling Method

In The Smart Selling Method, I help you focus on that warm approach. I show you how to attract clients without pitching and without cold calling. We ditch the sleazy icky tactics because they’re not necessary.

Many female entrepreneurs are now letting go of the pitching concept and attracting clients through relevant, inspirational, meaningful story-based content. I help you design your business brand around how you deliver your services and how you interact with your prospects and clients.

In this course, I help you learn how to find the right clients, make the right connections, and, yes, teach you how to love doing sales. Click here to learn more about how you can get started today!

The Smart Selling Method

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