Differentiating yourself during a crisis

So here we are. Just like that, we’re in a new environment. Many of us have been doing business online so working from home is not new. But knowing this is your only way to reach people … well, that can make you uneasy.

Wondering how you’re going to acquire new clients when you don’t have a huge following of your ideal clients? Everyone is online. What do I do now?

You need to differentiate yourself.

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get busy. Focus on creating a new strategy. Start by making your competition irrelevant to your potential client. Be the solution.


Go back to WHO your clients are TODAY. How has this crisis affected their ability to get things done? That dream client of yours is out there and needs to get something accomplished. What is it? How can you help them?

Get laser focused on HOW you’re going to help. From the content on your website to everything you post, blog, and talk about through video – acknowledge the crisis and tell us how you can help.

Popping in someone’s inbox with your “pitch” is NOT the answer. They most likely will simply delete your message.

Your new strategy should include:

1. Questions in your content asking how you can help your clients.
2. Creating the solution they need and sharing it.

Remember, this is a global crisis. We’re all in this. Now is not the time to ignore the situation with pitchy posts and in-boxing people with your marvellous thing.

So with that, I ask YOU – how can I help you? What do you need from me? Reach out. Let’s talk.

In the meantime, eat healthy, stay safe, stay home, and stay connected.

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Nicole Gallant

Nicole Gallant is the lead marketing and sales strategist connecting buyers to sellers for 20+ years. Buyer behaviour is definitely her jam. Certified in StoryBrand helping small businesses generate sales with content rich websites, crystal clear offers and effective social media plans. The trick is knowing which words trigger curiosity and interest with your brand and which words to avoid. She coaches female founders how to #ditchthepitch and stop using ego-centric content. Learn more about me »