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My blog is a collection of topics on marketing, sales processes, websites and social media.

They are my thoughts, recommendations and stories inspired by real-life daily experiences from my business life working for large companies and from being the entrepreneur and business owner I am today.

It is also inspired by you – the people I talk to everyday and my amazing clients. I want it to answer questions you may have, give you an idea of my belief system , help you with your next steps and look at different perspectives. If there is one thing I have learned is that there are many ways to get from point A to point B. What we all want is to get there safe and sound. With the right recommendations you will get there effectively.



9 March 2019

What is the The Value of a Marketing and Sales Strategist?

If you are running a business, you’re no stranger to some absolutely instrumental pieces to success: active sales and effective marketing. Every business requires these two important pieces to always be in play at all times. However, it is very common for business owners to either confuse sales and marketing for each other, or assume … Continue reading “What is the The Value of a Marketing and Sales Strategist?”

11 December 2017

What Does Trust Mean in Your Business? (Part 2)

Yes, this is a loaded question. It can also be interpreted in several different ways. There is, however, better ways to interpret trust than others. Based on the relationships with my clients and experience running SmartCat Marketing, here is my interpretation. Trust should mean working with someone who has your best interest at heart. When … Continue reading “What Does Trust Mean in Your Business? (Part 2)”