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7 March 2020

4 Essential factors for better coffee meetings

Can coffee meetings be authentic if there’s an agenda? The simple answer is “yes”, if the agenda is beneficial to both parties. Many entrepreneurs engage in business as a transaction, whether we are networking, following up, or having sales conversations. Meeting someone for the first time may not be the opportune time to relinquish everything … Continue reading “4 Essential factors for better coffee meetings”

5 December 2019

Uncovering client needs – the modern effective salesperson

If there was a magic wand that would bring you the perfect client, what would that client look like? I bet this is something you’ve thought of. The reality is, there is no magic wand. There is no secret formula. There is however, proven methodologies that do help you attract clients. It’s called speaking your clients … Continue reading “Uncovering client needs – the modern effective salesperson”