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I recently sat down with the other cat in town, Mike Tanner, from OneRedCat Media.

I met Mike for the first time a few years ago when he was hosting PodCamp.

I liked his vibe and his no BS approach. You could say that’s probably why I liked him right from the beginning.

This particular coffee meeting, we chatted about various things from family, health and yah…we finally got to business and talked about all things marketing and sales and the difference between great and bad advice.

We focused on what are the best ways to improve our messages we share to you – our followers.   We also acknowledged that almost every entrepreneur is challenged with time – the time to work in our own respective businesses.

Sound familiar?

The thing is,  we have to make time. It is essential. My recommendation is to actually block off a time slot in your week for this. Don’t cheat on yourself and give it away. Take that time to get the things on your list that needs doing.

How do you prioritize your list, you ask?

Go through your wish list. Sort them from level of importance.

– Which will make a difference revenue wise- which ones make you money- do those first.
– Administrative tasks – these are best during non-peak times.


Can I do this myself or do I need help?


My best advice to you is not to DIY yourself into the “making no money” rabbit hole.  We all want to save money. We are all on a budget. Show me a small business who isn’t on a budget.  What I recommend is you focus on your ROI- your Return on Investment.  How much time will it take for you to do it yourself versus getting a professional to do it right while you’re working with your customers – making money!

If you do decide to hire someone what should you look for? Who will have your back?

 How do you know you are getting the right advice for your business?

That is not an easy answer.  I can share with you signs you should look for.

  1.  What is the background of the person offering you advice? How many years experience do they have? Is that important to you?
  2.  Do they have testimonials?
  3.  Do they speak in jargon or do they explain things clearly so you know what to expect?
  4. Are they willing to sit down with you and have a discussion about your requirements?

There is no solid answer to this question.  It comes down to trust and integrity.
My advice from Mike
A perfect blog post is one you’ve written and like. We simply need to push “publish” more often. 

My conversation with Mike confirmed the fact that I sit on things for too long.  Like blogs.

The people that give the best advice are the ones that get to know you, take the time to learn about your business and the goals you want to achieve.  Only then can they give you great advice.



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Nicole Gallant

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