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My Blog Jam Story

My story starts about a year ago. I can’t remember the exact date I met Ali Breen … I do remember getting to know her better when we were part of a 10 week Advanced Social Media class by Anita Kirkbride in Sept 2018.

We took a few lunches together, drove to Winners, got coffee, chatted about health food, business, and entrepreneur life. A relationship developed.  In October 2018 she attended a workshop I presented on Smart Selling. The topic focused on the foundations of marketing and how sales and “selling” are part of the 4 P’s.  We had some fun with scripts and mapped out a sales process plan. After that class I offered a complimentary session, with me, as a thank you. She took me up on it. That story has yet to be told. What I can tell you is she wrote a great testimonial.

It is funny how events help you understand your value.  People come in and out of your life. Some have such  a strong impact that it can have you shift a focus, a path and possibly a goal.

In June of this year Ali and I took our “coffee meeting” to Shubie park. We walked the beautiful trails this one warm sunny morning. Conversation flowed ever so freely.  I  realized our values were in sync.

We talked about Blog Jam and all the things she was planning and the great ideas to help people connect and learn. She talked about how she loved the fact I focus on Your Why.

The Why Jar idea was born.

My roomies and I arrived in time for hot chocolate and smores by the bon fire. This was our meet and greet. Looking back, its like meeting celebrities before you know who they really are. We were all women on a Friday evening, after a crazy week of work, children and the daily stresses. It was time to unwind and get ready for the day ahead.

The morning began with such huge momentum by Natalie Davison. I love a gal who tells things like it is. Her presentation was full of life, humour, lessons and heart-felt stories of what it means to stick to your core values.

I don’t have writing space today to share all the great speakers I heard from. My purpose is to share with you the findings in the Why Jar. Why?  So I can help you dig deeper to find your own why.


Because if you truly understand your own why you will be better equipped to understand your audience’s why, your customer’s why, and be able to define it, assess the meaning, be able to relate it to your customer.   -Nicole Gallant

Why is this important?

Because people buy on emotion. Period.

They do research, they check testimonials, they ask friends who do they know. At the end of it all, they buy from people that stir an emotion inside that tells them this person CAN help me do “the thing”.

That emotion is owned by your customer. If you figure out their true why, you are many steps closer to winning them over.

Avatars. Personas. It’s more than that. I may be a female, between 45 and 55, living in HRM, with a post graduate education, married with grown up children, empty nester, loves dance, loves sci-fi, is a huge fan of Outlander. But what am I trying to accomplish. What is “that thing” I want done?

It’s about reaching that emotion, deep inside, that triggers me to say “ yes, this is the right decision”.

The Why Jar and its contents

I was so excited to read all the notes left in my why jar. What was interesting was that only two of my notes had a true Why written on them.  All the others had notes of purpose and goals.

Your purpose is not your why.  Your Why drives your purpose. – Nicole Gallant

Why do you do, the things that you do?

To bring more real to social

To connect with like-minded people

To be an example of possibilities when you show for yourself

To show people great travel deals

To be the go-to source for simple DIY projects

Helping women show up purposefully


Ask yourself the simple question after each phrase. ‘ WHY?”

Why do you want to bring more real to social? Why should it matter?

Why do you want to connect with like-minded people? Why is that important?

Why do you want to show people great travel deals?

Why do you want to be the go-to source for DIY projects? Why should I care?

Why do you want to help women show up purposefully? Why does that matter? Why you?


We are surrounded by an abundance of great talents. We are surrounded by an abundance of people who we know would benefit from “the thing” we do.

What your audience will do , as they go through their buying journey, is uncover who speaks the loudest to their why.

The one who speaks the loudest has reached a trust factor. Has demonstrated their value of understanding the client and the job they need completed. They have zero-ed in on that emotional need.

Positioning yourself in the market takes more than hours and hours in front of a computer. It takes a long term sales process plan that is plugged into a strategic content plan.

That’s a TOPIC  for next time.

Uncover your true WHY. Want to know what my Why is?

I work my business as my own boss because I can never work for a company that doesn’t value the humans who work for them ever again. It’s demoralizing and has you living in a constant state of stress.

Because I never want to hear the phrase, “ You are only as good as your last sale” ever again.

I can’t let myself get sick again. Life is short. I want to live it, with purpose.

I want to be surrounded by positive people. I feel better when I keep company with others who believe in lifting others up. I am better equipped to be the person I want to be.

My why drives my purpose. To help others discover their Why , so they can reach that emotional trigger with their potential customers, that leads them to the decision stage where they say YES.

If you want to Be Found. Be Heard. Contact me.

I’ll help you Be The Solution.

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