Articulate the true value of your business

Brand Building

Smart Selling Masterclass

Smart Selling Masterclass is a workshop for small business owners who have little to no previous sales training, who want to network more effectively, talk to more prospects, and turn them into paying clients. The focus is on YOUR client and the message you’re sharing. We’ll focus on conversational selling versus pitching.

Nicole has developed a program that will not only help identify your target customer, it will help you win them over and become great clients.
If your work calendar has space to grow, you’re ready to generate more quality leads, and you need help with content that converts – this program is for you. Let us help you have better conversations with your clients, nurture your relationships (your sales process), and increase your selling opportunities.
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At SmartCat, we want you to be successful. We specialize in helping you apply clear messaging that evoke an immediate emotional connection with your audience.

We focus on what you’re “saying” to your audience so they HEAR you and know you’re the solution they need. We help your clients find YOU.

Value Beyond Features and Benefits

Nicole has created a Brand Building Framework  that taps into the emotion that triggers your ideal customer – that piece of the puzzle that resonates and captivates them to do business with you. 

Nicole will take a deep dive into the bones of your business and help you discover your value beyond features and benefits, so that you’ll be better equipped to connect with your audience.

“It has been proven that companies who fully understand how to communicate their “WHY” to their clients experience greater returns.” – Simon Sinek, Start With Why


Let us help you add life to your story! 

We are wizards at creating impactful infographics and SlideShares that engage your customers and communicate your unique brand value. Perfect for presentations, on social media, and in-person meetings.


With over 15 years in the website business, there isn’t much we haven’t done. We believe in professionally written content, which is why we have writers ready to up your game. After your website is live, you’ll have full ownership of it so you can make your own updates. 

We work with WordPress or Squarespace and can help you make the best choice depending on your needs. Don’t worry – we’re here to guide you through the tech stuff.

“Having better conversations with your clients allows you to  discover the true root issue of a customer. Once you have a better understanding of what it is they are trying to accomplish, you can then deliver a solution that is sure to drive results.” – Nicole