Become the leader in your market


Become the leader in your market

Finally have your marketing work for you

Right now you’re struggling to easily attract new clients and customers though social media, your website, and email marketing.

You’re following all the right experts in the industry, you’re even going so far to try out the tactics and strategies that seem to magically work for everyone else but you.

To be a leader in your field, you have to stand out. But where do you start?

You deserve a clear easy-to-implement plan

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Hi, I'm Nicole Gallant, certified by StoryBrand, helping you use the right words to attract clients

I understand how it feels to think if you simply listen to one more expert, you'll be able to figure this out.  I was there. It kept me from executing on my ideas and moving forward.

You know what I discovered? If I simply execute on my initiatives I know will work, opportunities begin to happen.

Creating all your marketing initiatives on your own can be daunting while trying to run your business at the same time.

As a marketing strategist and Certified StoryBrand Guide, I help service-based businesses attract quality clients so they can concentrate on doing what they love to do.

I'd be honoured to help you too.


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Here's how we do it


Discover how to shape an overall narrative highlighting your uniqueness.

You have a special spark that can resonate with others and make you their perfect fit for their needs. The problem is, you're having trouble embracing what makes you and your business special, and turning it into a story that captures and draws in your ideal client.

Let's fix that.


Learn how to clean up your website and social media feeds to align your messaging with your audience.

Branding is more than a tag line - It is everything you do within your business. How you inject that brand story into your message is the essential piece to attracting the right client.


No more overthinking what you need to say on your website, social media and your overall brand communications. You’ll have a clear path to profitability.

We're going to set you up for continued success, even after working together.

Let's Avoid Making These Marketing Mistakes

Marketing mistakes can be costly

Χ Wasted time & money on the wrong tactics

Χ Long stretches with no sales

Χ Not being memorable in your market

Let Start Doing these things in your marketing

With the right message

Clients will listen and hear you

Clear & must-have offers that sell

Attracting dream clients "finally"

Her expertise is worth every dollar!

"After reading the book Building  A StoryBrand  I was struggling to implement the framework myself so  I knew I needed help from a Canadian SB guide.  With Nicole’s guidance I was able to craft some of the best messaging ever for my business.   I now have clarity on how to pull out the right words. Her expertise is worth every dollar."

Kathy Archer - Leadership Development Coach

Imagine how it will feel to have complete clarity on what you need to say and where you need to say it so clients feel compelled to work with you.

 It's time to elevate your business and lead in your market.

Many small business owners, like you,  are responsible for attracting clients. This isn't easy. Trying to figure out what constitutes an effective message can leave you wanting to pull your hair out.

We use a framework that helps you pull out all the essential words you need to craft a marketing message that will do the heavy lifting for you.

It's up to you. Simply click on the button to schedule your call.