The Smart Selling Method

The Smart Selling Method is a program for entrepreneurs looking to learn and apply effective selling practices that generate paying customers. We will show you how to align your marketing solution story with your IDEAL client.

Are you ready to work smarter not harder?

Attract & win clients by positioning your business with
clear offers

Discover how to go from “hustling and pitching” to “swamped with sales”.

The world has changed. Not only are old school sales tactics a waste of time, they are doing more harm than good to your business. Today’s savvy buyer wants to be informed, not pitched to. 

You are here because you’ve tried tons of these tactics, signed up for courses and webinars yet you are not experiencing GROWTH. What will it take? What is missing from your knowledge space that is keeping you from reaching those goals? You know your people need you, but they aren’t buying from you.

It could be as simple as your strategy and your own business solution story are not aligned with what your client is looking for.

It's time to make real money

Making money isn’t a secret — it’s a strategy — a plan of action you implement.  And that plan has to align with your story in order for you to be seen, be found, be heard and then be recognized as the right solution for your client.

Get Unstuck. I’ll help you sort through the noise with actionable activities to get you going in the right profitable direction.

Hi, I'm Nicole Gallant

I’m here to help you ditch the pitch, stop the crazy hustle and 

attract your ideal client

Ditch the pitch

The Smart Selling Method Masterclass

If you’re looking to learn how to generate more consistent revenue but you don’t want to sound salesy and you’d like to avoid sleazy selling tactics because hustling gives you anxiety, this is for YOU! My signature masterclass is created to teach you why people buy in the first place and how to get them to choose you over your competitor. We focus on your solution – the outcome you provide your clients.

This is my signature framework for attracting and winning clients by positioning your business in front of your ideal clients, build massive trust and have you savvy and swamped with sales using Your Solution Story.

Nicole Gallant SmartCat Marketing
"Your course has made me realize how important it is to nail down my ideal customer and build trust with them. It really made me understand that if I'm trying to talk to everyone, I'm talking to no one. You taught me how to convey that emotion, that feeling, that impact that my ideal customer will feel after choosing my service. After going through your program, I feel confident that I can solve my ideal clients problems and I now have the words to convey this. Thank you for giving me clarity!"
Carissa Bordeleau
Bordeleau CPA Inc
"I had taken sales training programs before but I never understood how all of the pieces fit together. Nicole's program, The Smart Selling Method, connected the dots for me. Nicole broke down the steps and then reframed it in a way that was easy to understand and actually apply in real life situations. That was gold for me! I’m so excited to now be able to confidently move forward in my business with the tools I gained from this program."
"When Nicole offers a workshop I jump on it when I can. When I heard her talk - Your Solution Story - about not pitching your business, it really stuck with me. To talk about what I do as a solution rather than an elevator pitch is the best advice starting my business."

The Smart Selling Method

Where will you be in another 12 months?

This program is not for everyone. It is not a beginner level course. This is why I am asking all those interested to reach out and book a call with me.

Have I mentioned that Inside you'll create
Your Solution Story?

Nicole Gallant

Let's get you hitting those goals for 2021