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If there was a magic wand that would bring you the perfect client(s), what would that client look like?

I bet this is something you’ve thought of. The reality is, there is no magic wand. There is no secret formula. There is however, proven methodologies that do help you attract clients.  Its called speaking your clients language, and uncovering exactly what it is they are trying to accomplish.

Push vs Pull

What does the term  #modernmarketing mean to you?

What this means ,to me , is we don’t push ads on people like we have since the 70’s. Technology in the last 5 years has changed the way we buy things and how people buy things. Buyers want to learn about what they are about to buy. We have enviro concerns, climate concerns, we hate being sold to, we hate those pesky early calls telling us our computers have been compromised, or the calls telling us to increase our credit limits, the TV commercials we now fast forward as we PVR most of our favorite shows. The large amount of emails that fill our inboxes asking us to buy stuff. Intrusive. Annoying.

Then there is the kind of advertising that we don’t mind or don’t really notice. The ads all along rink walls, banners sporting company logos at golf fundraisers, promotional products in your grab bags at a community event, signs of specials at your favorite store.

Have you ever thought why we don’t mind? It’s because it isn’t intrusive. It isn’t interfering in what we are doing or concentrating on.

Can you guess where I am going with this?

Promote yourself in a non-intrusive way

First:  Figure out what you are doing? Are you entertaining? Educating? Are you a resource? Are you being intrusively pushy?

Whatever product or service you have, the methodology is the same.

Get yourself out of your own shoes, and put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Really. Go there.  Its important to get out of your head – out of your own offers and programs and products and services.

Think about what your client’s daily life might look like. How often do you think they are deleting emails because they find them intrusive, annoying and not useful? How often are they hanging up on those pesky calls?

Hopefully we are entering our client’s inboxes, first of all because we have permission to. You’ve developed a relationship where the person accepts you popping in.  When you call someone you don’t know, you’ve at least did your research and have a real reason for calling. Then the BIG Q is –  What do they need help with? How long will they welcome you into their lives, inboxes and social spaces?

They will welcome you as long as you provide a product or service they want.

Offer valuable information

Maybe its pure entertainment or inspiration.  Or , it could be notifications of when their favorite product is on promotion.

Speak to this through story and client case examples:

A. How they felt and how they overcame something with your help

B.  How they got results and solved something

C.  How you saved them time by completing something quickly that normally would have taken a long time

D. How hard earned money was saved

And THAT will get that momentum moving forward to the place where you will begin attracting customers – Your tribe of people who will value your assistance and will pay you money for it.

Uncovering client’s needs is about listening.  Its is also about knowing what effective questions to ask in order to get to the root of the problem, issue or concern. and what to do with that information afterwards.  This my friend takes practice. But if you have a strong sense of wanting to help people, and less of trying to “sell” your widget of the day, you will begin your journey of being…an effective sales person.  – Nicole Gallant, SmartCat Strategist

If you are ready to attract more qualified clients and have them say “YES” to your recommendations, reach out. I will help you reach your goals.

This article was posted here first by Nicole Gallant.

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Nicole Gallant
Nicole Gallant

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