Want to find new clients? Stop perfecting your pitch

Your solution, in the eyes of your potential customer, should be relatable but it should NOT be a pitch. But wait, you may say, if I don’t pitch potential clients then how do I communicate my solution with them?

Hang tight, I’ll get there, but let me tell you first why pitching is the pits.

Pitching as a Sales Tactic

If you’re like me, you hate sleazy sales tactics. It feels icky when someone tries to manipulate you. That person who promises you 10x the profits or 10x the leads without even knowing you – ARGH! Ten times what? They are guessing what that client even has and can make you believe they are actually going to deliver it. YUCK!

Or, what about the person that trashes their competition? Please. Save it for the soap opera network.

Can we all agree on this? No more pitching, trash-talking, and that over-the-top selling nonsense. It doesn’t make us feel good and it doesn’t make the client feel good.

Build a business that sticks around

I have seen people come onto the scene and blow the “sales” roof off of quotas and turn heads.  We call them supernovas. They start with a bang with lots of flashing lights but then they fizzle out.

Don’t worry, I’m not one of them. I’ve been in this industry for a long time.

Growing a business is not about a few flashy sales. It’s about creating sales consistently and doing it correctly. It’s when you not only attract and get new clients, but you also keep them coming back because your customer service is great, what you deliver works, and the experience is a positive one.

With learning this long ago, and then having it reinforced at a few great companies I worked for, I make an effort every day to be true to myself, stick to what I know, and hold tight to my values.

Because, my friends, I am in this for the long game.

With that focus, I’ve found a way to attract the clients I want with nary a pitch in sight. And, along the way, I’ve learned that I love helping entrepreneurs like you do the same thing. I enjoy helping you figure out what it is you need to do. I love helping you build a plan to get there and, the most important part, get the tools to execute it.

The Solution is YOUR story

So back to that first question I asked. If pitching doesn’t work, then how do I communicate my solution to potential clients? The answer, my friend, lies in your story.

The Smart Selling Method (SSM) is a system I created. It allows your ideal clients to see YOU as the solution that they are looking for. Inside the SSM you will create The Solution Story for your business. This framework will help you ditch that nasty, boring, zero impact pitch for a story that connects. It will attract those clients that you want to work with.

This isn’t a new idea. Case studies are stories. They’ve been in university textbooks since … well … over a century I suspect.

And you’ve been developing your solution story all along, whether you realize it or not.

The experiences you have are stories.

The experiences your clients have with you are stories.

Your WHY is a story.

There is a story behind your business, products and services, and offers that people need to hear. When they know it they will then see YOU as their solution.

Uncovering the shiny gems in your story is the heart of your business.

And that, my friends, is one of the tools you walk away with after going through my SSM program.

I launched this framework first in November 2020 at the Solopreneur Conference. I’d love to talk more with you about this and see if The Smart Selling Method might be a good fit for you.

The Smart Selling Method

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