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When your website falls short in showcasing your true essence,  who you serve, and what you solve, trust in your brand takes a nosedive. You miss out on repeat business and watch word of mouth become silent.

The struggle is real:  If you're like most folks, you didn’t earn a degree in strategic web design and copywriting. Add in the fact the so-called experts got you doing the 'What's important?" cha-cha.

  • Is it the messaging?
  • The design?
  • The strategy?

But seriously, who has time for that guessing game? Your focus should be on rocking your business, not playing detective with your website!

 Experience the profitable results of a marketing message that attracts your ideal client.

Get your website audited for FREE by me, a certified StoryBrand Guide.

As a StoryBrand certified guide, I can help you zero in on essential content you need to trigger your ideal client to take action.

And, I'll do it for FREE.

What will you get from your review?

  • Let me offer you a list of the problems with your website's copy, design, and flow.
  • I'll email you actionable solutions for each of them so your potential clients are clear on how you can help them.

Here's how to get your website FREE Audit:

  1. Simply type in your name, email, and your website.
  2. Within 4-5 days you'll hear from me.
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"Amazing website feedback"

I asked Nicole to review my website and what she delivered exceeded my expectations. Watching her video gave me such clarity in my offer descriptions and has improved my intake of client bookings. I learned so much. 

Nicole Osmond, A Better Way Consulting

Nicole's website audit was amazing!

It led to better flow and messaging that has made a notable difference in my website traffic. We also worked on my email funnel and wording on my landing pages. Having her not only an expert in marketing but also a certified StoryBrand Guide was evident. As a photographer, I recommend SmartCat Marketing to all my clients and friends. 

Allison Smith, Dandelion Digital

No pressure. No pushy sales tactics to follow. Simply an honest-to-goodness critique to help you grow your business.