What is StoryBrand and how does it benefit your service-based business?

StoryBrand is a framework that helps you create clear brand messaging that resonates with your target audience

Buyers and sellers are bombarded with information every single day. And it’s happening to such a degree that many will tune out some of it to avoid overwhelm. For them, brand messages become nothing more than noise. Have I got your attention? Good. Because with so much information to sift through, most people will only listen to brands that communicate clearly and simply. 

The StoryBrand framework is a tool used to pull out key marketing messages that will resonate with your prospective audience. It’s the key to being seen, heard and understood.

As a female founder, I can’t stress enough the importance of a clear message.  If your ideal audience is confused at any level about what you do, who you do it for, or how they can access your skillset, they’ll look elsewhere to find the solution to their problem. Confused customers just don’t buy.

Being ignored has become a serious problem for business owners. 

At SmartCat, we help women-led businesses communicate clearly by using the framework giving you that competitive advantage for profitability

The StoryBrand 7-Part Framework uses storytelling principles to help you cut through the noise so your audience can properly hear you the way you intended them to.

They hear you because you are speaking to THEM and nobody else.

At SmartCat, and as your certified guide, I know that you want your business to excel. Communicating clearly gives you that competitive advantage. The problem is, so many businesses focus too much on themselves when it comes to their website. Unfortunately, when they do this, they lose a prospect before the client even scans half the site. 

I’ve always said that it isn’t the business with the best product or service that gets the win, but rather the business—or person—who communicates the right message to the right client, on the right part of a buyer’s journey, that ultimately wins. 

Hey, I get it. This isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Want to know why I’m so driven to help clients succeed? Because I was there once, too. I also spent thousands of dollars getting people to write my website content. Looking back on it, they asked all the wrong questions. I spent thousands of dollars on website refreshes… it just didn’t make a lick of sense to get other people to tell my story in a way that resonated with my target audience. I knew them better than anyone else, after all.

The Book Marketing Made Simple – A 5 part checklist for anyone responsible for marketing

Something you’ll find in StoryBrand founder Donald Miller’s book is that there are two things the brain is always trying to do:

  1. Survive and Thrive: People are moving in life to get that great job, gain status, be part of a group, live and love life. And,
  2. Conserve Calories: Not the calories you’re thinking about.  Brain Calories. Think about it. When was the last time you spent time reading something and stuck to it no matter how irrelevant it was to you? Most likely never. I’m also like this. It explains so much of why I can’t absorb some information, and yet in other forms, I can recount it as if I created it myself (I can share a lot of useless details about Outlander…)
Marketing Made Simple
So, what does this mean to you as a female service-based business owner?

It means you need to stop overwhelming your audience with nonsense, fancy accolades, and stories about all of your company’s goals.

Your client really does not care. They probably won’t read anything in its entirety. They’ll simply scan for the information that is most pertinent to them—things that help them survive and thrive. 

Do you have what they want? No? Then they’ll close you out and keep searching. 

Don’t let another website visitor click away because they feel you don’t have what they’re looking for.

Here’s a question.  And it’s a big question.

Can your clients name the main problem you solve, if we asked them right now? 

Think about that carefully (and honestly).

Nicole Gallant | SmartCat Marketing

The StoryBrand framework increase leads and sales with the right brand message that is intended for your niche audience

I know in my first 4 years in business, my clients knew what I “did”. Meaning they knew I built websites, graphic design, branding, etc. But I bet you dollars to donuts they may have had to really think about the actual problem I solved.

Now my message is clear:

I help women-led businesses increase their sales with the right brand message.

How do I know it’s clear? Because I’ve been asking and my client list is growing.

The StoryBrand framework is more than simply reading the book. It is best executed when you have a Certified Guide to help you pull out all the essential key language and relatable messaging that triggers people to buy. 

Nicole Gallant

I help you create the right brand message so that your customers understand how you can help them survive and thrive (see the pattern here?).

Stop confusing people about how you can help them and instead be the business folks are talking about. 

I’m Nicole Gallant, CEO of SmartCat Marketing and certified through StoryBrand  helping you use the proven 7 step framework that acts as a filter to clarify your message so clients listen.  

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Nicole Gallant

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