Fisherman’s Cove

I volunteered my time as the marketing director to implement and execute marketing strategies from a professional review that had previously taken place.  I love my community and I wanted to help support the local merchants and the beautiful attraction of Fisherman’s Cove in Eastern Passage.
This was a ten month long project. During my time there content was collected for brochures and a new website, a reception sign was added in the Heritage Center, newsletters were created and sent out monthly to the merchants to increase the flow of communication, an entrance sign to the cove was designed for better visibility for visitors, and various other media were incorporated into a cohesive marketing strategy they could apply moving forward. Thanks to two great summer students, Ryan and Ashley. They were instrumental in helping with all the tasks required to implement all the components of the strategic plan.

Credits: Stacey Fredericks, Graphic Designer for the brochures
Allen Print for printing the brochures
Mattatal Signs for the Entrance Sign