Open the Door Leadership

I met Johanna at an event at The Centre for Women in Business.  She needed a new logo as the current one did not reflect their true essence. These ladies wanted something fresh and colourful to express their brand.  Johanna is strategic and pragmatic. Manuela is creative and loves things that represent feminine empowerment.

They are passionate, inspired, energetic women who get what it’s like to be female leaders in today’s world. International professionals with diverse backgrounds and through  combined specialties and strengths, they offer coaching, mentoring, training, and workshops to women on a wide range of topics including employee and personal engagement, professional and personal leadership, and managing relationships, in both professional and personal life.

This great leadership team also has a playful side. We developed creative that was bright and clean. Their logo incorporates colours to convey fun, confidence and feminine power.  Socials were included for consistent recognition- brand identity.

Open the Door Leadership entrusted the updated logo design, social media banners, font style and colour scheme to Nicole Gallant of SmartCat Marketing, and we couldn't be happier. Nicole and her team created a logo and banners that truly reflects who we are as a company. It is vibrant, fun, crisp and clear, and we absolutely adore it! Nicole is a pleasure to work with - so enthusiastic and supportive the whole way through, even with our many questions and challenges with the cross-Atlantic time difference. I would highly recommend Nicole and SmartCat Marketing. Thank you, Nicole!
Johanna Nesbitt & Manuela Damant, Open the Door Leadership