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As entrepreneurs and business owners we have a lot on our plate. Looking after day to day operations and managing staff take up most of the day. Your own clients take precedence and your focus is getting things done right for your customers.

As a solo-preneur you’re wearing all the hats, or least trying to. You’re only one person, so if your calendar is full, the bulk of your time is dedicated to serving your clients. Let’s say you’ve got a project that needs doing and you have to outsource it – meaning, you need someone to help you get it done.

Who do you call?

If you’re well-connected in your community, it may be as simple as picking up the phone and asking your buddy who they used for that task. Asking them questions such as “are you happy with the outcome?” and “what exactly did they do on your project?” is quite common when asking for referrals. But, even with a great referral from a friend, you probably still investigate to see who they are for yourself.

A few basic things you might research:

  1. Do they have testimonials on their website and/or social media pages?
  2.  What is the background of the person offering you their services? How many years experience do they have? Is that important to you?
  3.   Do they speak in jargon or do they explain things clearly so you know what to expect?
  4. Are they willing to sit down with you (in-person or online) and have a discussion about your requirements?

It comes down to trust and integrity.

The people who give the best service are the ones who take the time to get to know you, learn about your business, and the goals you want to achieve. They’ve asked you crucial questions to get the answers they need to best analyze your situation – past and current.

Turn the tables around. You know you can help your clients. Getting them to pick you is an ongoing hurdle. Read more on uncovering client needs.

Nicole Gallant
Nicole Gallant

I help my clients effectively communicate their value offer. We help you align your marketing ideas with your clients buying journey by building your brand and boosting your online presence – engaging more of your ideal clients so that you can increase your sales opportunities. My passion is how to #ditchthepitch and focusing on being client centric. With over 20 years experience in this industry, buyer behaviour is kind of my jam. Learn more about me »

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