Digital Marketing

Securing the future of your business.

From Stuck & Directionless to Confident & Profitable 

If your message isn't clear, you could be losing out on money-making opportunities.

Messaging Beyond Features and Benefits

Features and benefits don't generate sales. The big fat hairy deal is what you solve and what successful results your client can expect from working with you and your company. Websites, your one liner, sales funnels, lead generating PDF's and social media need to align and convey what you solve.

We are here to get it right, for YOU!


With over 18 years in the digital marketing business, there isn’t much myself and my team haven’t done to successfully help our clients attract clients so they can get back to doing what they love.

Whether your a small business and need things done, or your a solopreneur and need some one on one attention to help guide you along,  we are here for you.

FYI...NO proprietary ownership on your website. You will own your site! You'll be able to access it and make any changes you wish without having to check in with us to do it.

Reach out and we'll see which package plan works for you.

Elevate your digital marketing with Smart Cat Marketing


We help you create clear message that erases doubt from your inquiring visitor. You'll begin to notice the difference once implemented - your sales will increase. We use a proven framework that identifies what your client's problem is, that works every time.

Let's make it easy for your clients to understand your solution.

Each business is different. That's why we offer packages tailored to you needs:

The Basics

  • A clear brand message
  • An effective one-liner

+ HomePage + Lead Gen PDF

  • A HomePage StoryBranded
  • A Lead-generating PDF

+ Full Sales Funnel

  • Interior Web Copy (4 pages)
  • 5 Email Nurture Sequences + 1 sales letter

Areas We Focus On





Added Options

  • Website Development
  • Script for Webinars
  • Script for Promotional Video
  • Create a Sales Letter for email campaigns
  • One-on-One Coaching

Are you ready to take control and attract clients?
Here's how:


We start with a conversation and explore your client's wants and aspirations.


You'll have an easy-to-implement marketing action plan that works for you & we'll help you plug it in.


Feel over the moon confident that you're attracting more of your ideal clients.