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Personalized Marketing Guidance &

Small Group Support for Female-Led Brands




Nicole at Smart Cat Marketing

You've got a website and you're posting on social media. NOW WHAT?

Without a plan to attract and convert leads, your sales pipeline dries up. Nothing in the hopper means no money coming in.

Let's change that.

Imagine the difference when you can take a curious prospect on a journey from an interested prospect to a happy client.

Here's the thing, tactics that might have worked in the past, no longer are working.  Social media is constantly changing and so is the world. Adapting our sales process to include a more conversational approach is where it's at! But you're not a marketer. And you probably didn't go to school to learn how to make sales.

You are not unique to this situation. Here are 3 common challenges female entrepreneurs face:

  1. Visibility and Branding:  You're not sure if you are effectively conveying a unique value proposition and standing out in a crowded market.
  2. Effective Communication: It's unclear if your marketing message resonates with your target audience - it's a hit-and-miss.  It's not easy finding the right balance between sharing your story, connecting emotionally, and showcasing your expertise, which is crucial for client attraction.
  3. Navigating Digital Marketing: With the constant changes happening online, you may struggle with navigating the complexities of digital marketing. This includes utilizing social media effectively, optimizing online content, and leveraging digital advertising for client attraction.

This membership will help you find your gaps so you can fix them.

  • Imagine creating content you're proud of that moves people into action.
  • Have conversations with decision-makers that solidify the reason why they should work with you. No more chasing people.
  • No more worrying about how, or the best time, to ask for a commitment from your prospect.

Learn how to diagnose what's not working in your business so you can create a custom plan that will lead your dreamiest clients right to you.

Getting a YES from your Client Starts at Your First Touch Point

With Access to my VIP Client Strategy Membership, you'll get:

- Power -

Two 90-minute monthly group calls with dedicated, like-minded small business owners

- Instructor -

One 60 minute private call with Nicole quarterly (4x per year).

- Awesome -

Access to a private community who also want to grow their business.

- Business -

Individualized sales strategy coaching sessions to zero in on what you need help with.

What You Say and How You Say It Affects Your Sales

Landing your ideal clients is almost impossible if you’re using the wrong words.

I'm Nicole. I work with female entrepreneurs who want support with their marketing and sales process.

Put yourself in your client's shoes.

You don't like being sold to.

Your potential client doesn't either.

They seek solutions. They buy solutions. No one buys a pitch.

Throughout my 20+ career in sales and marketing, I’ve helped thousands of business owners, just like you, to overcome client drought and attract clients instead. They all needed help attracting quality leads and turning them into clients.

As a sales professional, I refuse to sell my clients things that don’t help them. I never have. If you're here, you believe in this motto too.

By promoting your business from a position of helping to solve something your "attraction scale" increases considerably. And, you remove that feeling of selling.

Content Planning Retreat / SmartCat Marketing

The Details:

Twice monthly live coaching group calls.

You get 1 quarterly 60-minute private call with Nicole.

Monthly coaching, strategy, and support via our online community.

PLUS these bonuses:

Sales Framework Blueprint - how to carry out a promotion encompassing all 5 elements of the Sales Framework in one comprehensive Google Doc to keep you and your team cohesive (value: $500)

Access to a learning HUB - with all your learning resources on file

Access to call recordings - you'll be able to go back to our group sessions and re-watch them.

A resource bank of worksheets, guides & tutorials including my smart selling masterclass- all to keep you on track and help you attract and close quality clients.

√ Ability to take everything you learn in the sales sessions and apply it to every new idea you want to launch (Value: PRICELESS)

only $67/month

Here’s what clients are saying about the VIP Sales Strategy Membership:

The VIP Content Planning retreat served as a catalyst for me, transforming vague ideas into concrete plans. Before attending the retreat, I was swimming in a sea of possibilities, unsure about taking a new direction in my business. While I knew the various audiences I could serve, the opportunity to speak at a conference added a layer of complexity to my decision-making process. The retreat provided a refreshing perspective, allowing me to focus on what mattered to my business. What surprised me the most was the flexibility of the retreat format. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we had the freedom to tackle the challenges most pertinent to our individual businesses. Nicole provided invaluable support and expertise, making it an exceptional experience.

-Michelle Hurlburt

It is clear Nicole understands the psychology of selling. She uses plain language and teaches you how to apply the principles in a clear, concise way with analogies to give you a better understanding. I have gained more in-depth knowledge of the language of sales and have a brand script that I can adapt to each client for selling that will allow me to build connections and opportunities.

-Kathleen Bulger, RHN

Since I have been a member of this group I've been able to articulate the outcomes I deliver for my clients. The shared insight and support I receive from Nicole Gallant and the other members is second to none.

-Nicole Osmond, A Better Way Consulting