Selling Made Simple

with the smart selling masterclass

A digital course on how to stop selling & invite people into a story  so you attract your ideal client,  build massive trust and generate consistent revenue

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Attract & win clients without manipulation

You've come here because you hate selling, you don’t have experience selling, or you are simply not great at it.

You’ve been trying to build your business  and you wish you had someone guide you through the essential fundamentals of marketing and selling so you could stop wasting more precious time trying to figure this all out.

Does this sound like you?

No more "selling". You inform. They decide.

Selling is part of marketing.

The most common thing I hear my female entrepreneurs tell me is they hate selling. That says a lot about you.

  • It means you are a good person who sincerely wants to help people
  • You hate manipulating tactics and prefer to allow space for people to decide for themselves

The problem is if you want to build a business you have to "sell". 

But not the way you think!

Here's the good news.  You are perfect for this course.

 Imagine a framework where rather than using coercion, you relay information that helps people decide on their own? Yah! No gimmicks.

The female CEO's that have gone through this program have told me it's been a game changer to their business and they have experienced big wins because of it.

Join me and I'll walk you through a program that is jam packed with essential information not being shared on the street. Get Unstuck. Let's sort through the noise with actionable activities to get you going in the right profitable direction.

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Hi, I'm Nicole Gallant

Marketing is positioning your business in front of the right people. Selling is about problem solving & building relationships.

Of course you want to generate more consistent revenue, but you'd like to avoid sleazy selling tactics. Bro marketing doesn't align with your values and  hustling gives you anxiety, am I right?!

You're also a client centric business owner. You do your best to help your clients and you're wishing you could attract clients in a way that feels authentic. I understand how it feels when you're not seeing the results you expected. Let's change that!

I've helped other female business owners, just like you, attract paying clients and increase their revenues without using salesy tactics. With 20 years in this business working for national companies in business development I've learned a thing or two on what makes people buy. AND, what keeps them coming back!

I created my signature program to help you uncover why people would buy YOUR product or service and how to get them to choose you over your competitor. It's about positioning your business in front of your ideal clients at the right time. Let's get you building massive trust and swamped with sales using the right words and using them where you show up.

With Selling Made Simple, you will:

  • Save time with clear messaging for your website , social media and emails.
  • Articulate your offer clearly and confidently to attract the right client.
  • Finally feel confident your brand message is resonating with your ideal audience.
  • You'll no longer ponder what to charge your clients
  • Clear lessons with tangible results.
  • One on one call to help you implement it all.
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Here's 3 simple steps to attracting more clients:

Access the masterclass & solidify your marketing foundation

Effectively communicate your offers by refining your solution story message & see the positive change.

Be on your way to positioning your business as a leader in the market

What the participants are saying:

After you're done this program, you'll:

Provide got-to-have offers and solutions for your clients

Be confident in your prices and what you deliver.

Be able to perform your own market research

Create social media posts your clients will love

Have a selling system ready to plug into your online spaces

Be clear on your growth money goals and know what activities to do to get there

Know how to close a sale and produce happy clients that refer to you

Create your solution story message ready to plug into your website and socials

Imagine finally having a strong marketing foundation that attracts the clients that light you up

Build your business with intention

Best results are achieved if you have been in business minimum one year.

It's time to intentionally invite people into your solution story & build your business the smart way

Your business will thank you for it!