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What is the nature of trust? By definition, to trust is when you rely on the actions of another person. You carry a belief that they will behave honestly and sincerely.

It’s easy for us to put trust into family or friends, because we have existing and strong ties with them. But when it comes to business, choosing to trust someone new can feel like a tough call. And rightly so.

The truth of the matter is, trust should not be expected—it must be earned. Whether trust is secured or denied, this plays a huge role in your next move.

But how does establishing trust look like, if you need to work with a new designer or marketer? Let’s continue below for my suggestions on how to find your right fit.

Find the appropriate credentials.

Why are credentials so important? This is an indicator of how trustworthy a person and their experience will be, when servicing our request. Some industries we trust more than others. Here are some examples of this in action:

  • You go to see your dentist. You trust the education and practicum the dentist has had should qualify him to be trustworthy to work on your teeth. Their education and experience would be what earns your trust.
  • Your friend recommends someone. While you feel more comfortable trusting this individual, because of the recommendation, you still do a bit of your own research before you choose to work with them.
  • You hire a construction company you’ve found through a Google search. You don’t know the company personally, so you look for their credentials in the form of a Better Business Bureau search, as well as reading some online reviews. They must earn your trust based on your own research of their credentials and expertise in order for you to decide you’d like to work with them.

It’s up to you to decide whether a contractor’s experience is adequate for the job you need. That said…

Change the topic of conversation to true experience.

Someone can be acclaimed with having plenty of credentials, but even with that evidence you may still not trust them. Human beings are complex creatures. We crave connection with one another.

When we don’t connect, regardless of all the expertise they bring to the table, we may not be able to fully trust them.

So, what is the true effect of trust?

Trust influences our decisions in business. When we trust, we’re more likely to buy-in to what is being offered, and find value in the collaboration we’ve entered into.

When finding the right designer or marketer for our project, we are going through a Buyer’s Journey. The end of that journey, where we say “yes”, is influenced by our trust in the person and expertise they’ve shown us.

Find out early if you trust a potential contractor, or designer, or marketer. When you’re looking for evidence of trust, you’ll either find it fast, or not find it at all.

In the next post, we’ll discover what trust means to you and your business by digging a little deeper. Stay tuned!

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