3 Simple tips to clarify and sell your offer

It pains me to see businesses with great potential flailing because their message and story about what they do isn’t creating quite the awareness they think it is. They may have a great product or service but their marketing message is super vague or cryptic. Potential customers and clients who see it are more confused and puzzled about the offer and move on to the next option.

If you want to succeed in business you need to not only GET CLEAR about who you are and what you offer, but you also need to BE SPECIFIC about that to your prospective audience. Acting all mysterious won’t intrigue people enough to investigate and research what you actually do to help people. Make it easy for your ideal client to understand the problems you can solve for her.

Make it easy for your customers to see who you are, what you do, and how you are their solution.

1. Research your market – Ask what they want

I was on a call recently with business owners and the moderator was emphasizing how important research is to a business’s success. Why am I mentioning this? This group was for an existing group of businesses. Emphasis on existing. Not start-ups. Yet, with the feedback from the participants, it was clear many had done little to no research. Starting a business without doing any research in the market first will leave you frustrated later. Have you asked your prospective clients what they want? What they think they need? What words trigger them? If you don’t do any research, then how do you know your messaging is market-ready?

I know the word “research” can be intimidating. One easy, and super effective way to gather intel is to interview people in the industry, prospects, and mentors. You’ll be glad you did.

Now sure what to ask? Reach out. I’ve got some ready made questions you can use.

2. Be Specific – What results can your clients expect

I constantly see people doing two things that make it hard for potential clients to understand the offer. 

The first thing they do is list out EVERYTHING they offer – they’re stuck in the features of their business rather than how these features can help others. Narrow down your services into one to three categories that will keep it simple for clients to see where you shine and how you help.

The second thing I see is vague and generic language about what they offer. It’s like code or such a secret that perhaps they think their prospects will be drawn to the mystery of it all. Or, it is so generic, you now become part of the noise.  Mystery sends your visitors to keep on scrolling or Googling for someone, or a business, that gives you that confident feeling they know what they do and they’ve had success helping their client base –  That big fat hairy deal about working with you.

3. Position as the solution by creating your solution story

Creating a story might seem to be a new trend but it isn’t. The best and most successful companies have been using story to attract clients for decades. Apple is a great example. 

They don’t advertise their features. You get pulled in because of status – once you own one of their devices you belong to a community. It’s cool to own these devices. You are now part of the cool club. 

Your story is how you communicate to your clients about how you’re their solution. It shows them how you can help your clients without having to spew all your features. It is the end result people want to know about. The story makes you so relatable that they can see themselves in there with you.

In bigger business, case studies are used. These studies focus on a business, the challenges and what they did or didn’t do and the outcomes that came from the decisions they made. They tend to be quite detailed. It helps put things in perspective. Makes it relatable. 

When your story becomes relatable and your potential client can see themselves in your story, they will begin listening more intently and potentially become your client down the road.

The more you implement this process, the more you’ll be selling with authenticity and confidence and the sleazy sales pitches will exist no more.  

My signature masterclass, The Smart Selling Masterclass, walks you through all of these steps and sets you up to get to the next level.  You can read a bit more about it here or set up a call to talk to me one-on-one here.

The Smart Selling Masterclass

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Nicole Gallant

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