How do you know your marketing message is working?

Your message resonates with clients when your brand story is communicated clearly

As female serviced-based business owners, it’s our job to figure out how to communicate our brand and story in a way that is heard and truly understood by our target audience. You’ll know that it’s working because your prospects will be sending you inquiries to book calls or ask questions about your services.

As an example, for about 4 years of my business, the tagline of my website read:

Be Found. Be Heard. Be the Solution.

I created this message when SmartCat Marketing was in its third year of business.

These three phrases described a client’s buying journey.

  1. First off, they have to be able to find you.
  2. From there, they have to hear your marketing message and get a sense of what you’re offering
  3. And finally, what you offer needs to be incredibly clear, and so does the solution that you solve.

Don’t be scared to point out frustrations or desires in your web copy

Female founder who is frustrated | SmartCat Marketing
Content writing frustrations

I was still a fairly new entrepreneur back then. Pulling out client’s challenges and pain points in my discovery calls has always been part of my process. Yet, I wasn’t crystal clear with defining these pain points on my website. And so my website wasn’t pulling it’s full weight when it came to converting clients. It drove me absolutely bananas. By my 4th year and more lessons learned, and more client research, I began recording the patterns from the phone interviews I would schedule with past clients and prospects.

Your clients have a pain point, and your marketing message is looking to target that pain through a solution to take the unpleasantness away. If there is no paint point, no solution is required.

Avoid industry-standard jargon – it doesn’t improve your marketing message

When I looked at the tagline—Be Found. Be Heard. Be the Solution—I realized that there was a disconnect happening. The disconnect was that some of the people I was ,outside of the marketing sphere, didn’t completely understand or recognize the relevancy of the buyer’s journey . If they haven’t been trained in that road map, my tagline wouldn’t resonate. It was essentially industry-standard jargon.

And so, I tweaked the messaging up. Because, if we’re being honest, it wasn’t really working as effectively as I wanted it to.

Nicole Gallant, Certified StoryBrand Guide

I gave my tagline a makeover and changed it to:

The Right Brand Message. More Sales. 

My clients tell me they totally understand what I do. I haven’t changed what I offer. The same services are there. However, my coaching abilities have been elevated since I began my certification in September 2021 with StoryBrand and became certified in February 2022.

So now when I ask myself the question, “How do I know my message is working?”, I can tell it’s more effective because I’m attracting the right clients! Female founders are having an easier time finding me, they’re resonating more deeply with my message, and they’re reaching out more than ever before to work with me!

The Perfect Brand Story in the eyes of your potential customer (which is the solution you provide to your clients) , should be super enticing, relatable and not a pitch.  I really wish I could obliterate this word from our vocabulary. Real experts don’t pitch. I wrote more on this topic of Getting to the Heart of Your Audience.

Here are the 6 elements to include in your message so that it works.

Realizing that my tagline wasn’t hitting the mark as I’d hoped was a big lightbulb moment for me. 

Wondering if your marketing message is being heard by your target audience? Keep in mind that a quality marketing message that truly resonates with clients needs to achieve 6 objectives:

1. It needs to answer a question: whether it’s the copy on your website or what you’re saying on a call, your marketing message needs to answer the questions your client has in mind, before they even ask them.

2. It needs to get clients to say “YES”: whatever your message, you want it to hit the nail on the head for your prospective client. If you’ve communicated your offering in such a powerful way that they hear it and say “YES!” then you know you’re on the right track.

3. It needs to get clients buzzing with excitement: a great marketing message doesn’t just answer a question – it has the potential to solve it. When you solve that significant problem for your client, they are absolutely overjoyed to have found you (I love it when that happens!).

4. It needs to communicate its value for the money: how often have you heard, “I’m not ready to spend any money right now” or “I have to think about it”?. The right message resonates so much with your client that they’ll pay you what you’re worth, because the solution you have for them is so invaluable that it will ultimately make them money.

5. It needs to get the client to want to close the deal themselves: they see so much value in your offering that they want to get in there before you’re over capacity and can’t take any more clients. Imagine if your potential clients started asking you when they can start, rather than the other way around.

6. It needs to clearly communicate your process and the expected outcome so that the client has no doubts: you’ll know your message is working when you stop hearing, “I don’t know if this solution will work for me”. A good marketing message instills clients with the confidence that you know what you’re talking about and you’re going to get the job done. You’re not an expense for them on their taxes, you are the solution to radically change their business for the better.

You can elevate your marketing messaging by taking these 6 objectives into consideration.

You’ll know that it’s working when your message reaches the ears of the people you intend it to, and it calls people into action.

Stop wasting more money on marketing tactics that won’t work

So, if you are frustrated with making your brand memorable and you are losing opportunities because the people you could possibly serve don’t really know how you can help them, reach out.

Let’s have you reaching those big goals of yours.

I’m Nicole Gallant, CEO of SmartCat Marketing and certified through StoryBrand  helping you use the proven 7 step framework that acts as a filter to clarify your message so clients listen.  

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